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After Boards???

So the boards are over, maybe under confusing circumstances but everyone is awaiting the results. Next, what to do?

If you are a 12th candidate then look around you, think about the future scopes, understand the industry requirements, understand your own aptitude before selecting any course.

Before proceeding further let us understand the present education in brief.

Education as we understand now is merely the process of memorizing of facts and figures.


  • Very good theoretical knowledge but not enough practical knowledge to become industry-ready.

  • A gap in the industry requirement and the skills developed.

  • Unemployment.

  • Dearth of skilled professionals.


Re-imagine education. Technology is continuously developing. New jobs are being created, old ones are becoming obsolete. New skills are needed for the new jobs. Each industry is upgrading itself along with the changing scenario. The professionals who can continuously learn new skills according to the changing requirement of the industry will survive. Thus, education is no longer a one-time process. It should be a continuous process. Problem Solving is the new mantra. Every student should consider their own aptitude, interests, and the skills required by the industry, before taking up any course. A perfect combination of all these three along with problem-solving skills and high EQ will be the key to success in any career.

Multi-disciplinary education is gaining more popularity. Thus, the demarcation of science, humanities, and Commerce is fast disappearing. Courses that provide multi-disciplinary education are gaining more popularity.

Below I have listed some of the courses according to the streams:

For humanities students (These courses are open to all streams)

  • BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

  • BMS- Bachelor of Management Science

  • BFA- Bachelor of Fine Arts

  • BEM- Bachelor of Event Management

  • BFD- Bachelor of Fashion Designing

  • BSW- Bachelor of Social Work

  • BBS- Bachelor of Business Studies

  • BTTM- Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

  • Bachelor of Performing Arts

  • BA in various subjects.

For Science Students:

  • BE/B.Tech- Bachelor of Technology (there are many streams)

  • B.Arch- Bachelor of Architecture

  • BCA- Bachelor of Computer Applications

  • B.Sc.- Information Technology

  • B.Sc- Nursing

  • BPharma- Bachelor of Pharmacy

  • BDS- Bachelor of Dental Surgery

  • B.Sc. – Nutrition & Dietetics

  • BPT- Bachelor of Physiotherapy

  • B.Sc (in various subjects)

  • Liberal Arts

  • B.Sc.- Physics/Chemistry/Mathematics/psychology etc.

For Commerce:

  • B.Com- Bachelor of Commerce

  • BBA- Bachelor of Business Administration

  • B.Com (Hons.)

  • BA (Hons.) in Economics

  • Integrated Law Program- B.Com LL.B.

  • Integrated Law Program- BBA LL.B

Professional Courses:

  • CA- Chartered Accountancy

  • CS- Company Secretary

  • Bachelor in Animation

  • Aviation Courses

  • Bachelor of Design (product design, UI, UX)

  • Bachelor in Foreign Language

  • Integrated Law Course- BA + LL.B

  • BJMC- Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

These are just a few courses that I have listed but it is worth taking a look into them before taking the final step.

In the next few fridays, I will give a brief tour of some of the courses. Till then Bye!

** The author is a career counselor. Mail your career related queries to or WhatsApp at 9674384433. **

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