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Disability - There is an ability behind every disability. (Part - 2)

Types of Disabilities in India -

The number of recognized disability conditions has been increased from 7 to 21 in the RPWD (Right to Person with Disability Act) Act 2016.

Following are the disability conditions included in the RPWD Act 2016:

  1. Blindness

  2. Low-vision

  3. Leprosy-cured persons

  4. Hearing Impairment (deaf and hard of hearing)

  5. Locomotor Disability

  6. Dwarfism

  7. Intellectual Disability

  8. Mental Illness

  9. Autism Spectrum Disorder

  10. Cerebral Palsy

  11. Muscular Dystrophy

  12. Chronic Neurological conditions

  13. Specific Learning Disabilities

  14. Multiple Sclerosis

  15. Speech and Language disability

  16. Thalassemia

  17. Hemophilia

  18. Sickle Cell disease

  19. Multiple Disabilities including deaf-blindness

  20. Acid Attack victim

  21. Perkinson's Disease

Acts in the field of Disability in India-

1. RCI Act ( Rehabilitation Council of India Act, 1992) - it is an Act to provide for the constitution of the Rehabilitation Council of India for regulating the training of rehabilitation professionals and the maintenance of a Central Rehabilitation Register.

NTA Act (National Trust Act, 1999) - It is an act to provide for the constitution of a body at the National level for the Welfare of Persons with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities.

PWD Act ( Person With Disabilities Act, 1995)- The Government of India passed the Person with Disabilities Act in 1995. This law states that persons with disabilities have equal rights, and that the government should make their full participation in society. The government has to provide free education and integrate children with disabilities into mainstream school.

RPWD Act (Right to Person with Disability Act, 2016)- The RPWD Act, 2016 provides that, The appropriate Government shall ensure that the PWD enjoy the right to equality, life with dignity, and respect for his or her own integrity equally with others.The Government is to take steps to utilize the capacity of the PWD by providing appropriate environment.

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