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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

*Clear blue skies with white fleecy clouds and honey-golden sunshine along with the fluttering white ' kash phool ' in the autumn breeze , all hand in hand welcome Bengalis' very own Durga Puja. A celebration for the homecoming of our dear mother. Twelve joyous days spent with family, friends and significant others.*

According to the renowned clubs of Bengal, you always need bundles of money and a flawless, grand pandal to recognise this festival satisfactorily. To them it's more of a competition between various clubs to show who can spend more money and resources and who can be more grand.

But is this what the festival is really about?

And what is more 'interesting' is that there are certain people who grant thousands and thousands of money to them for doing so. But, my personal question is that , *can these large amounts of money be put to a better use?* I mean that these are after all our or our parents' hard-earned money paid as taxes. *So why not use it for something durable, change-provoking and standard quality rather than on something so temporary but yet so luxurious.*

As simply as I can put, Durga maa killed Mahishasura because he was causing havoc within the human realm and was posing danger to the inhabitants of earth. So her act of killing the menacing figure can be taken as an act of kindness and courage which she rendered to the human kind. So, the most suitable form of gratitude towards this feat would be to keep the same kindness and courage alive within us and around us. The best way to recognise her incredible deeds is to carry on with such qualities and establish a better and meaningful way of life. Of course enjoyment is important but it can also come from a different set of things rather than taking hundreds of selfies in gorgeous dresses in front of pandals.

*Let's be brave and continue our strokes against the waves of the unknown, let's be kind towards the needy and towards those who keep the courage to start new things and step into unknown spheres of life. Let's be brave enough to be kind and helpful. Rather than just being in awe with our Maa and admiring her from a distance, let's follow her footsteps and slowly start finishing off the present 'asuras' we have.*

*Yes there will be problems and there will be friction, but even if it's against the the wind an aeroplane takes off. Along with all its engines and wings, with the contribution even of its tiniest parts, it does take off.*

About the Author...

SHREOSHEE GANGULY, an average college student , likes to read various kinds of books and journals ; has a hobby of collecting quotes and short stories ; likes to draw sometimes, some simple designs or alpanas or maybe cartoons and loves to read comics.


The views of this article belong to the original Author Ms. SHREOSHEE GANGULY.



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