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Each and every year with great fervour the World Environment Day is celebrated around the

world but the very next day we forget all the mind blowing ideals and are back to all sorts of

destructive practices.

Recently, newspapers have reported that how unplanned tourism development programmes

have made it easy for cyclone YASH to create a havoc in Digha especially. Illegal constructions,

rapid rates of deforestation in the name of economic development have clearly made it

clear that ecology is the only economy. Mangroves is the support system of Sunderbans but

stakeholders failed to realise its importance and results are loss of life and property on a large

scale. Global warming has enhanced the rate of formation of cyclones yet we ignore the truth

and repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

It is high time to analyse ourselves, taking up eco friendly practices, penalties and punishment

for the law violaters, well laid out sustainable development goals to realise the goal of the

famous( Chipko movement leading) environmentalist late Sunderlal Bahuguna , "ecology os the

permanent economy".

About The Author Kanakana Mondal is a columnist of Juventus Flair. She is UG 1st year student and has interests in reading and writing.


This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board of Juventus Flair and its owners.

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