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English language Day by Binita Biswas

Language is the most effective and principal method of human

communication which comprises of words and phrases constructed in a meaningful way, facilitated with the capacity of conveying or delivering a meaning.Language helps us to connect deeper with our own culture,traditions and also helps us to extract the pristine beauty of our heredity,which, otherwise would have been left unappreciated and undervalued. English language day is celebrated on 23rd April every year since 2010. This day is rightly chosen as English language day as it marks the birthday as well as the death anniversary of the greatest playwright of all times,William Shakespeare. In the 16th and 17th centuries, English language had been subjected to innumerable number of changes and Shakespeare's creativity and ingenuity with language signals the birth of hundreds of new words and phrases that are still in use today.English language is seen as the most powerful language of the world and has also attained the position of being called as "language of commerce" in countries across the globe. English language day celebrates this language, it's history and oddities.We can do justice to English language day by learning a bit about its history,paying homage to its evolution and also by learning words that may not be in use today. English language day gives us an opportunity to unfold the beauty of English language,explore the versatility of its usage and also to learn one language with so many variations.

About the Author

Binita Biswas is a student of Rabindra Bharati University(Eng Hons). She has passed her class 10 board exam from South Point High School and class 12 from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


The views of the above article belongs to the Author Ms. Binita Biswas.

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