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There is a big difference between a hobby gamer and an addiction gamer – and we need to know the difference. Gaming is a thrill for many kids. Its an arena where success and feeling in charge are more easily achieved for children who don’t find it in school or social relationships. Its easy to connect with others through a game , and mastery is euphoric . It’s a mastery part that can be addictive , especially for the child who finds it nowhere else. Internet games, Youtube, Facebook has indulged the new generation into a hole of addiction. Yes , these are fun to them but at the same time it is a problem for their future. We generally see children now a days are busy with their mobile phones and they call it their “social world”. Do children of age 10 to 15 have their social life? May be we are wrong and they are right. May be our childhood was not as much interesting as theirs. Do we know that extreme gamers suffer from “Gaming Disorder”? Gaming Disorder – seems like a very easy term but it has a heavy effect on the gamers. When a persons gaming is the only way of coping with life , this disorder takes place on the individual’s mind. He or she thinks that without games they cannot live and thus their indulgence in games are extremely important for their survival. Basically they are dependent on their games which is harmful and dangerous for someone’s life. People playing games even think that their life is a also a game and they are the players of that game because gaming for them is a coping strategy from their personal life. Playing games with proper limitation is good for health . But playing games as a motto of life is harmful and dangerous. GAMING IS NOT A PART OF YOUR SOCIAL LIFE , BUT A REASON FOR FUN .

About the Author Ms. Diya Ghosh is a passionate dancer. She doesn't just want to be a psychologist but she wants to spread awareness about psychological problems. Disclaimer The views of this article belong solely to the original author Ms. Diya Ghosh.



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