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Oh! Environment. We are Responsible.

World Environment Day – Celebrated every year on 5th June. This year Theme – Reimagine, Recreate, Restore. The Host Country – Pakistan.

Oh! Environment. We are Responsible.

Yes, Oh! Environment. We are responsible. You stood by our side everywhere we went: nationwide or abroad. This landscape, the greenery around – you were the constant supplier of Oxygen we take. Both you – Oh! Environment and we – The silly Human were part and parcel of this beautiful world. We shared our needs in a very balanced manner. You provided us the Oxygen(life)we inhale and we in return gave you the Scientifically named (CO2). We shared love, we were connected and you the selfless fellow continued supplying us the LIFE. We both are living creatures, have our own Identity: You are called ENVIRONMENT – The selfless, humble, virtuous and what not and we named HUMAN – carrying body with brain. The days were good when your branches were our swings - for amusement, we played around – on being tired you gave us the shade, got hungry – you gave us the juicy fruits. That was so we now call “organic”.

But eventually, we the HUMAN carrying body with brain, started playing the brain game. In the name of development, we turned In-human. We periodically ruined the balance. We thought of development, for which there arose the requirement of land. Now, who will give us land? Yes, the answer is ENVIRONMENT – without thinking twice, we started deforestation, removed the forests, disturbed the wild life, threw garbage and waste from industries and factories into the water bodies. Simultaneously, this decrease in forest areas across the world resulted into misbalance in the ecosystem. The biodiversity and climate showed interim changes. The modernization, development, progression, transformation has left us nowhere. We now stand in a platform where our near and dear ones are moving away due to shortage in supply of Oxygen. Yes, we are responsible for the loss been faced, we are culprit of the Environment. The disaster, devastation now stand by our side. Since years,we have been welcoming the grim situationthat the world is facing now, we have cut down trees not for development but for paving the way for disasters to come near us.

We were once surrounded by clean water bodies, evergreen forests, tall and strong mountains, the streams passed by our side, the tress danced and bowed for our small achievements, the cool breeze healed our pains, the shining sun rays were blessing – we never had to protect us from the rays. The ENVIRONMENT was itself organic, blissful. Well, we are HUMAN – we have body with brain. We can still REIMAGINE! RECREATE! RESTORE!.


This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board of Juventus Flair and its owners.

About the Author

Shiwli Roy Ghosh is a columnist of Juventus Flair, she is an MBA in Applied Management and involved in Project Execution, Client Co-ordination, Vendor Management, Supply Chain Management, Communication Skills, Writing Articles, Presentations.

Shiwli Roy Ghosh

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