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Review of Upload by Rupomita Sadhu

Upload is a american sci-fi series available on amazon prime. The theme focuses on the future possibility of man being immortal. After physical death a person is uploaded to afterlife. The story revolves around the afterlife of a young programmer Ethan who meets a car accident. After getting uploaded to the afterlife he finds fragments of his memory missing. The entire story takes an entirety different turn when he tries to unravel those fragments with the help of his friends. It is a suspense filled series with unexpected turns awaiting a second season. It is a must watch for sci-fi lovers.

About the Author ... Rupomita Sadhu is a student. She likes to read storybooks, watch movies, short films ,documentries and web series. She has a special interest is in the field of photography.

DISCLAIMER The views of this article belong to the original author Ms. Rupomita Sadhu.



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