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Suicide prevention day- by Srijita Seal

World Suicide Prevention Day

This painting is based on the topic "miles to go before I sleep" -this is a very famous line given by Robert Frost in his poem Stopping By The Woods in a Snowy Evening. Here the poet realizes that he has to fulfill a lot of duties before he goes to sleep.

In our life also we have a lot of duties and task. As we all know, life is like a roller-coaster ride- sometimes we have happy experiences & sometimes we have bad experiences.

In most of the cases we see that people can't handle their bad experiences and they think suicide as the only option, but suicide can never be the solution. Many times people feel that at this time motivation doesn't work... but if we join our hands tightly and support someone at this time then we might help someone to get through their bad time In this way we can create a hope and encourage that person to live long.

In this poster as we can see humans holding each other's hands. A brown trunk symbolizes the tree has hope. At the bottom right corner we can see a girl who thinks that she has to accomplish a lot of duties, where the big star symbolizes her duties. Suicide prevention is not a day event but it is a continuous process because it takes a long time to bring a change in the society and we should observe each and every day as suicide prevention day.

Thank you

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