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The Stationary Shop of Tehran By Marjan Kamali "She would not have understood, then, that time is not linear but circular. There is no past, present, future."

"He doesn't know how, but he knows they will. Someone will not let it go. Someone will keep it going. He is disappearing, he is shrinking, the sky is becoming darker, the curtains are drawing closed on either side, and he is leaving, but the love will continue to live. The young will continue their hope. The fight for democracy won't die. His books, the words, the notes, the letters—the hope can never end. It is a love from which we never recover." In the end, Roya proved herself right when she said "we were never meant to be."

"I have cried nonstop, and I have smiled nonstop." This novel is like a strong cup of ginger tea on a rainy day—it warms you while you're consuming it, but it stays with you long after you've finished.

Roya, Bahman, and Walter—they made me believe in the positivity and non-toxicity of true love. It's just that simple. Story revolves around young couple Roya and Bahman. They meet in stationery shop for the first time and Fall in love during the political turmoil in Tehran, Iran. It begins with the ambitious, free-spirited Roya Khanom, who lived amidst the political turmoil of Tehran, finding solace in the presence of her loving family. Her teenage romance blossoms when she meets Bahaman, an activist who dreams of changing the world. However, fate intervenes, and a misunderstanding with the complexities of the political landscape, tears them apart. Their paths divided

, leaving them to navigate the challenges of life separately.They lived their lives differently with different people. No matter how hard we try, if something isn't meant to be, it won't happen. We can't change the past; it's not in our hands. But we can move on from the past. We can cherish the moments that bring us happy memories. We can't blame anyone for being in our lives or leaving them. We can make ourselves happy with what we have. Just like Roya.



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