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World NonViolence Day

''Non violence is a weapon of the strong.''

Today is International Nonviolence Day , today is the birhday of our father of the nation , MK GANDHI.

MK GANDHI , was an eminent leader of Indian Independence Movement & the pioneer of the philosophy & strategy of nonviolence.

Today I am going to discuss the effect of seeing violence on children.

In today's world children spent most of their days's time in either on televisions or on games {on any media} which promote greater aggressiveness.Children who are repetedy exposed to the violence which are realistic , are more likely to imitate what the see.

A research was conducted by Bandura on social learning .His aim of the experiment was to demonstrate that if children were to witness an aggressive display by an adult they would imitate this aggressive behavior when given the opportunity .

In the experiment Bandura showed a film to the children . The film showed numorous dolls including bobo dolls in a playroom .

The film had three versions:-

First group of children see a boy being punished for his aggressive behavior while playing.

Second Group of children see a boy being rewarded and praised by adult for being aggressive to the doll.

Third Group of children see nothing neither the boy rewarded nor punished for aggressive behavior.

It was found that children who displayed aggressive model being rewarded were the most aggressive , those who had seen aggressive model being punished were least aggressive.

Children learn behavior by observing role model's behavior being rewarded or punished .

Thus a good role model is very important for child's growing up.

In order to reduce the maladaptive behavior, the parents must see to the fact that the children should spend less time on the screen. The fighting games should be avoided.

There are a number of therapeutic procedures have been developed to modify maladaptive & socially incapacitating habits and behaviours.

The children must be allowed to do excersise regularly , proper balance diet must be maintained because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

About the Author...

My name is Srijita Seal, I am a student, I spent my leisure time by reading, writing and by watching movies and I have my special interest in the field of Psychology.



Srijita Seal
Srijita Seal
Oct 02, 2020

Thank you 😊


Indrani Adhikary
Indrani Adhikary
Oct 02, 2020

Beautifully portrayed. A nice scientific tribute to the work of the great leader. Looking forward to more such posts.

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